Tuesday, February 19, 2008

90 Year Old Suppressed Technology Cuts Fuel Consumption 50%

Cars Run On Water. . . Fact or Fiction?

We hear it every day in the news. Carbon Emissions. Pollution. Global Warming. Climate change. The headlines scream at us constantly. The ‘experts’ are painting a bleak picture of the future for us all, unless we change our ways.

One area we can all embrace immediately, is that of Automobile Water/Fuel Technology. As hard as it is for some to believe, the Technology exists right now to run our family cars on water.

No, it’s not a scam. It exists. It’s real. And it’s affordable.

Yes, you can convert your Car or Truck to burn water as well as Gasoline and boost your mileage!

Amazingly, this technology is not new. Based on old "forgotten" US Patents, devices have been developed that use a little electricity from your car or truck battery, to separate water (H2O) into a gas. This gas is called HHO (2 parts Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen).

HHO, which is also called 'Brown's Gas' or Hydroxy, burns beautifully and provides TONS of energy. And the emission product is just WATER!

No wonder Mobile Magazine says, "HHO provides the atomic power of Hydrogen, while maintaining the chemical stability of water."

Yes it’s true! Pound for pound HHO Gas is 3 times more potent than gasoline and is a fast growing trend for boosting performance and MPG.

My research revealed a 90-year-old suppressed technology, that’s been simplified using everyday hardware. The device, which you can build yourself at home, is affordable yet very effective.

They are also easy to install and maintain and are great for both carby and fuel injected vehicles, gas or diesel. You can install them in old cars, new cars, motorhomes and even big trucks!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “If this stuff is so potent, it’s probably explosive and very dangerous!” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Already hundreds of drivers are already using this Water for Fuel technology in their vehicles, in both hot and cold climates - it is totally SAFE. The way water energy is released makes it very safe and can only be ignited by the spark inside your engine!

So there you have it. If you are really serious about . . .

  • Cleaning up emissions that damage your and your families’ health
  • Greatly enhancing engine power and performance
  • Removing carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up
  • Reducing engine temperature and protect your engine and the environment
  • Wanting a calmer, quieter and much smoother running engine . . .
Then you need this Technology today! My guess is, you’ll be laughing at rising gas prices, while reducing emissions and saving your hard earned money!

David has a passion for ‘Free Energy’ Technology and is webmaster and owner of CarsRunOnWater.com . See for yourself where you fit in this Water/Fuel Technology. A great place to start, is at http://CarsRunOnWater.com

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Is It Really Possible To Run Your Family Car On Water?

Powerful Oil Industry Moguls have gone to incredible lengths to convince you it's impossible. But is it really?

Conspiracy Theories abound, but the facts reveal an astonishing story of cover ups, suppression, intimidation and yes, even death!

Consider just two of literally hundreds of inventions that have been suppressed by the "powers that be". . .
  • A device, installed in back of every home, that provides free electricity?
  • Grabbing the garden hose to fill your "fuel" tank?
Inventions such as these, if allowed to be developed and deployed, would literally change the way we live on Planet Earth! But, as history has dramatically proved, such inventions buck the "system" and threaten the powers that be and are swiftly and forcefully eliminated.


Wouldn't you think that a discovery as important as running your car on water, would be welcomed with open arms? Sure . . . you and I and most folks hit by high gas prices would.

But, consider for a moment what that would mean to the status-quo. The monopoly held by the giant Fuel and Utility Companies would be completely and utterly smashed. And you can be sure, they won't let go without a fight!

But their ability to suppress such alternative energy devices and inventions is weakening. Their stranglehold is slowly but surely being diminished. And this is happening because of the amazing technology you're using right now . . . the Internet!

Yes, the Information Superhighway has allowed us to communicate and assimilate knowledge without censorship, in a way that has not been possible since the beginning of time.

And while running your car on 100% water is still a little way off, startling developments and innovations have, thanks to the Internet, allowed us to assess the technology to convert our cars to run on water AND gasoline!

The conversion necessary is simple and inexpensive. If you have basic skills with a screwdriver, pliers and a drill, etc., you could do the conversion yourself at home. The gas savings can be utterly amazing . . . as high as 75%. Your car will run quieter, last longer and will also greatly reduce the pollution of your car.

Yes, it's time to learn the TRUTH about cars that run on water! Simply click here to get the whole story about how you can use water as fuel and laugh at rising gas costs, while reducing emissions!
David has a passion for ‘Free Energy’ Technology and is webmaster and owner of CarsRunOnWater.com . See for yourself where you fit in this Water/Fuel/HyperMiling Technology. A great place to start, is at CarsRunOnWater.com
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